GI Pipe Tube

Our galvanised mild steel tube is available cut to size to suit your requirements and can be used alongside our tube clamp range for creating frames and fencing.

Though it displays many excellent qualities, mild steel is susceptible to corrosion but this galvanised mild steel tube has been specially treated to resist oxidisation and is an excellent choice of steel tube for outdoor use. It is medium thickness and has a plain end, and can be used in a huge number of demanding structural applications.

  • Treated to resist oxidisation
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Very strong
  • Ductile and easily formed
  • Widely recycled

Mild steel is one of the most widely available and commonly used forms of steel, benefitting from high strength and excellent forming properties afforded by its lower carbon content. This reduced carbon content makes mild steel more ductile and therefore more versatile for a wider range of applications. Commonly used in the construction industry to manufacture reliable structures.